Monday, October 17, 2011

Cold October Rain

It's been a really long time since I "wrote" a post. A lot of my posts in the recent past have been photos with some forwards/lyrics etc etc scattered in between. Seems Hedonist to the core is slowly becoming Photographist to the core!!!!

Un-Digressing from other matters... errr Un-digressing is the opposite of digressing and has nothing to do with Undi-Dressing or for that matter Sunday Dressing both of which may mean one and the same these days!!!!

So as I was saying before I digressed from the point of Un-Digressing, Un-digressing from other matters and coming straight to the Title of the post. I am not going to write a parody of November Rain. Wish I could play guitar like the Slash Solo in that song but what I want to say today is slightly different!!!!

Oopsie daisy... Writers' block.. can't think of anything to say right now.. So I'll just digress to the first paragraph of this post. Talking bout Photographist to the Core... I'm not really a full blown photographer, and I don't even own a photographist device... Its just a itsy bitsy camera lens stuck at the back of my cellphone that answers to the name of Nokia N82. No this is not a sponsored post to praise Nokia phones, cuz the phone being mentioned is discontinued.. cuz it was kicking Nokia's newer camera phones' a$$ (that's what I'd to believe.. you may call it a case of sour grapes) with its 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a 100% Xenon Flash!!!!

So, this camera phone of mine gives me these results.. and even a couple of HDRs for that matter!!!!

Oh yeah.. I just remembered what I had started off writing this post about. This Sunday it had rained.. and damn.. it was cold.. BRRR!!!!

PS: Damn!! even this post eventually ended up as a photographistic album.. and yeah surplus of exclamation marks that I managed to pick up at the end of season's sale have found their way at the end of each para!!!!


A S said...

nice shots! white sadabahar looks very b'ful :)

Shrikant said...

Thank you very much.. all thru the eyes of a "stupid" phone!!!

Neha said...

i say not bad. talking of digressing - sounds familiar.

Shrikant said...

Why should it not sould familiar... Don't 3 or 4 of your latest posts digress from the original point leaving poor readers like me in the lurch!!

Ranj said...

Hey nice. Photos are well taken. And guess what, I had been doing the same in my blog, slowly becoming a photo album with descriptions! A victim of my busy days..SIGH!!

Shrikant said...

@Ranj.. thanks!!
Not sure whether its the busy days.. or just plain laziness coupled with the ease of point and shoot mobile phone cameras.

Geeta Singh said...

dats so beautiful!

Shrikant said...

Thanks Geeta!!