Friday, November 25, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis

Came across this forward... Found it to be pretty relevant so couldn't help posting it here!!!

26-29 is not a nice age for a man... your ex-gfs are getting married, Your career has just started, Elders treat you as unproven theorems, College guys feel that you are too old to have in their group... You seem to enjoy both cartoon and news. You can no longer eat whatever you wish without putting on weight. You look like an ape if you don’t shave daily. You are not invited for weekend cricket matches.

Every Aunty you meet ask “Shaadi kab kar rahe ho beta!!” while uncle asks “Career ka kya socha hai beta…”... When the reality is that you are just riding the wave and going with the flow… You have all the confidence in the world but little achievements to show, You already have the first hand experience of the life, You know that whatever you have been taught about the world in schools has been sheer waste of time. You can be denied a job even after passing the test and you could be given a job if you know someone placed high enough… Politics till now was a dirty word but now you feel it everywhere.

You know now love is not that blind and that friendship has its terms and conditions…You know there is nothing for granted and free lunches are not free… Your overconfidence is now making way for a humble conscience… You now know it is not exactly what you thought it would be…

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Story of Sabun-drella

Today I want to tell you a story. Its the story of Cinderella. Hmmm.. been there done that?? Ok, then tell me.. doesn't the story sound as the very pre-cursor of modern day Soaps. No?? Why not? It has the same elements of any soap!!

  1. A sweet young girl with no mother (Now that is definitely Soap material)
  2. A cruel stepmother and snobby stepsisters (More Soap)
  3. Stepmother and stepsisters used to ill treat poor Cinderella (I'm already slipping)
  4. And then a really big occasion - A Ball at the Palace.. and as expected Poor Cinderella left behind to do the dishes(Pure Soap)
  5. By stroke of luck and magic Cinderella gets a beautiful dress.. a makeover.. and a spanking new ride to the Ball
  6. Like all soaps.. kahani mein twist.. Cinderella has to be home by midnight or her magic will disappear
  7. The Prince is charmed by Cinderella.
  8. And as expected.. she rushes home at the stroke of midnight.. and like all big stars.. she has her own version of Wardrobe malfunction.. She leaves behind her slipper
  9. Like in all soaps, the love birds cannot be together now.. there's got to be more epic-sodes.. so the Prince searches for the lady who will fit into this slipper.. but the slipper is highly customised.. made to order.. Must have been major trauma for the likes of Addidas and Nike... custom shoes for every sole!!!
  10. And then enter Cinderella.. fresh out of the kitchen sink .. with soap in her hair and a soapy pan in her hand
  11. The Slipper fits Cinderella's foot perfectly... the why on earth did it slip off in the first place??? Scripted Wardrobe Malfunction I would say!!
  12. And they lived happily ever after.. now thats not very soapy.. in a Soap it would have taken years for this ending!!!
Now that's 100% Sabun-drella!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sun - सुन

Arz kiya hai (Reposting a really old post)

Piye toh piye kaise...bina aapke...
Chadti nahin koi bhi (sharaab) bina aapke...
Piye toh piye kaise...haaeeey bina aapke...
Chadti nahin koi bhi...bina aapke...

Kaise kahun bina tere Whisky bhi yeh kya hogi..
Kaise kahun bina tere Whisky bhi yeh kya hogi..
Jaise koi sazaa koi kadwi dawaa hogi...
maine kiya hai.. yeh faisla...peena nahin hai tere binaaaa...

Piye toh piye kaise...bina aapke...
Chadti nahin koi bhi... bina aapke...

And those who have already read this one.. I'm sure by now everyone would have :P, here's a little more something..

Ae.. Kya bolti tu??
Ae.. Kya mein bolu??
Aati kya Byculla.. (kinda low on budget)
Kya.. karoon.. aake mein byculla..
Arre Zoo mein phirenge.. bandar nachaenge... Time pass karenge.. aur kya??

And yet another one..

Jhonka hawa ka aaj bhi.. zulfe udata hoga na.. Cigarette ka dhua aaj bhi tere.. mooh se nikalta hoga na!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cold October Rain

It's been a really long time since I "wrote" a post. A lot of my posts in the recent past have been photos with some forwards/lyrics etc etc scattered in between. Seems Hedonist to the core is slowly becoming Photographist to the core!!!!

Un-Digressing from other matters... errr Un-digressing is the opposite of digressing and has nothing to do with Undi-Dressing or for that matter Sunday Dressing both of which may mean one and the same these days!!!!

So as I was saying before I digressed from the point of Un-Digressing, Un-digressing from other matters and coming straight to the Title of the post. I am not going to write a parody of November Rain. Wish I could play guitar like the Slash Solo in that song but what I want to say today is slightly different!!!!

Oopsie daisy... Writers' block.. can't think of anything to say right now.. So I'll just digress to the first paragraph of this post. Talking bout Photographist to the Core... I'm not really a full blown photographer, and I don't even own a photographist device... Its just a itsy bitsy camera lens stuck at the back of my cellphone that answers to the name of Nokia N82. No this is not a sponsored post to praise Nokia phones, cuz the phone being mentioned is discontinued.. cuz it was kicking Nokia's newer camera phones' a$$ (that's what I'd to believe.. you may call it a case of sour grapes) with its 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a 100% Xenon Flash!!!!

So, this camera phone of mine gives me these results.. and even a couple of HDRs for that matter!!!!

Oh yeah.. I just remembered what I had started off writing this post about. This Sunday it had rained.. and damn.. it was cold.. BRRR!!!!

PS: Damn!! even this post eventually ended up as a photographistic album.. and yeah surplus of exclamation marks that I managed to pick up at the end of season's sale have found their way at the end of each para!!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


The Sun peeking from behind the canopy of branches. This meme is known as Skywatch

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Amateur HDR

What seems to look better?? The original one??

Or the HDR??

Wish I had a better camera... a better lens.. for that better shot of the critter up there!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

No Parking

Clouds making the other end of  "Queens Necklace" seem even further away. And a couple stealing a few moments of solitude in this atmosphere near a No Parking Sign!! Hazy Skywatch