Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Story of Sabun-drella

Today I want to tell you a story. Its the story of Cinderella. Hmmm.. been there done that?? Ok, then tell me.. doesn't the story sound as the very pre-cursor of modern day Soaps. No?? Why not? It has the same elements of any soap!!

  1. A sweet young girl with no mother (Now that is definitely Soap material)
  2. A cruel stepmother and snobby stepsisters (More Soap)
  3. Stepmother and stepsisters used to ill treat poor Cinderella (I'm already slipping)
  4. And then a really big occasion - A Ball at the Palace.. and as expected Poor Cinderella left behind to do the dishes(Pure Soap)
  5. By stroke of luck and magic Cinderella gets a beautiful dress.. a makeover.. and a spanking new ride to the Ball
  6. Like all soaps.. kahani mein twist.. Cinderella has to be home by midnight or her magic will disappear
  7. The Prince is charmed by Cinderella.
  8. And as expected.. she rushes home at the stroke of midnight.. and like all big stars.. she has her own version of Wardrobe malfunction.. She leaves behind her slipper
  9. Like in all soaps, the love birds cannot be together now.. there's got to be more epic-sodes.. so the Prince searches for the lady who will fit into this slipper.. but the slipper is highly customised.. made to order.. Must have been major trauma for the likes of Addidas and Nike... custom shoes for every sole!!!
  10. And then enter Cinderella.. fresh out of the kitchen sink .. with soap in her hair and a soapy pan in her hand
  11. The Slipper fits Cinderella's foot perfectly... the why on earth did it slip off in the first place??? Scripted Wardrobe Malfunction I would say!!
  12. And they lived happily ever after.. now thats not very soapy.. in a Soap it would have taken years for this ending!!!
Now that's 100% Sabun-drella!!